We are thrilled to have for the first time as a delegation of 3 taken part in the Bonn Climate Change Conference 2024 Week 1!

     We were there for 1 specific reason; Conversations on loss and damage.

     Here is what we took part in:

1. Participating in negotiations that touched the loss and damage topic.
2. Engaged with country negotiators (Kenya) to learn more about the processes and how we can integrate our position into the country’s.
3. Third Glasgow dialogue- For 2 days, made an intervention as a youth-led NGO.
4. Our side event at the Bonn Climate Camp: Screening our documentary on flooding & Climate Justice song.
5. Side events: Loss and damage focused to learn on best practices, locally led responses, get more knowledge on the topic.

It was extremely crucial that other members of our organization are exposed to such high level decision making platforms to inform and ensure the success of our advocacy program! We are glad that we got the chance to have them learn in-person 

Thanks to @oxfaminafrica for your support.

Our CEO Mana also got an opportunity to make an intervention at the Third Glasgow dialogue at the SB60. See below.