Since last year, we embarked on a very ambitious advocacy project targeting 3 maa counties; Kajiado, Narok & Samburu. We envisioned a lot, stemming from the lack of awareness on climate justice and hence their exclusion in important decision making spaces & in the creation,design, of important funding instruments meant to compensate communities like ours for the losses & damages they’ve experienced historically as a result of the #climatecrisis

‼️We failed to flag it off last year, felt demoralized but didn’t give up!! We started again this year, completely halting all our field operations to ensure no stone is left unturned!

📝Luckily, we were well received & welcomed by our leaders who showed great interest in listening & learning about this particular initiative which they later embraced. We particularly appreciate the support of our deputy governor (Kajiado) @h.emartinmoshisho who walked the journey with us from day 1.

We are excited to finally launch our advocacy program: “Pastoralists Awake; a common voice & agenda” & unveiling our first advocacy tool (climate justice song) aimed at creating internal awareness within our communities. It envisions a well-informed pastoral community on matters #climatejustice & hence their enhanced & meaningful participation in the #climatediscourse & decision making💯

Baby steps, but let’s dive straight into it🙌📣